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"Great Online staff with excellent product knowledge, exemplary customer service and recommendations to suit our changing needs when requested. Though paying the registration fee was my initial problem, but i'm glad i did it"

Micah, Russia

"OEV have always been fantastic to deal with. They are understanding to my needs, and have always come to the party when I have needed extra financial help. Their staff is always very helpful and friendly, I'll be sticking with them for a while (well I kinda have to I have a mortgage with them, lol)"

Lisa, India

Oscar Entrepreneur Venture started Lending in 1999. We quickly grew to be a national provider of loans for home owners with less than perfect credit. Our aggressive lending criteria became very popular and soon business owners from many different specialties came to us looking for financing. We were providing loans for local and regional home Owners. We became very involved in the real estate market and quickly became an expert of the economics for mortgage loans. By 2012 the real estate market was our number one area in terms of loan origination.

Today we continue to service all interested Home Owners and Real Estates dealers, by providing much needed capital in an ever tightening credit environment. Oscar Entrepreneur Venture is different than other financing companies in that we don’t rely on bank lines to underwrite our deals. This frees us up to loan money to people we feel are worthy of financing. This is how we are able to work with past bankruptcies, tax liens, etc. Institutional money would prevent us from being this flexible. As a result we have amassed, over the years, a pool of private funds to originate our transactions.

Board of directors

Mrs. Cynthia Morgan (CEO)
Mr. Clark Kent Barry (Operational Manager)
Mr. Mark Jor (Loan Agent)
Mr. Kelvin .J. (Loan Agent)